Investment, Banking & Audit Committee

The Investment, Banking & Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations to the City Council on the City's Investment Policy and the Draft Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). In addition, they periodically review the City's investment portfolio and investment practices to insure conformance with the City's Investment Policy.

The Committee consists of five regular members, each serving a two-year term, one alternate member serving a one-year term, and two City Council Member Liaisons. The Committee Members are required to have substantial education and experience in the areas of accounting, finance, investment or banking.

The Committee meets on a quarterly basis throughout the year.
Members and Council Liaisons
  • Council Member Rischi Paul Sharma
  • Council Member Kelly Jennings 
  • Sean Latimer, Chairperson
  • Miles Friedman, Vice Chairperson
  • James Carbone
  • Richard Riegle
  • Kevin McElroy