The Zoning Code's purpose is to promote the public health, safety and general welfare pursuant to section 11 of article XI of the California Constitution, the State Planning and Zoning Law (Government Code section 65000 et seq), the California Environmental Quality Act (Public Resources Code section 21000 et seq.), and other applicable state laws.

This Code is also adopted pursuant to section 30000 et seq. of the Public Resources Code for the purpose of complementing the City's Local Coastal Program.

Objectives of the Zoning Code
  • To implement the City's General Plan. 
  • To provide regulations not covered by the Local Coastal Program (LCP) for portions of the City subject to the LCP.
  • To classify different land uses and structures in appropriate places as designated in the General Plan, and to regulate such land uses and structures in order to serve the needs of residential neighborhoods, commerce, industry, recreation, open space and other purposes.
  • To ensure that adequate off-street parking and loading facilities are provided and maintained for all land uses.
  • To provide land zoned for schools, parks and other public facilities. 
  • To protect and enhance real property values.
  • To provide a guide for the development and use of land in the City as required by the State Government Code.
  • To secure for the residents of the City the social and economic advantages resulting from the planned and orderly use of its land resources.
  • To establish conditions which allow the various types of land uses to exist in harmony and to promote the stability of existing land uses by protecting them from harmful intrusion.
  • To prevent undue intensity of land use or development, to avoid population overcrowding, and to maintain a suitable balance between developed land and open space.