Streets and Street Sweeping

The City maintains publicly-owned streets through the following strategies shown below. 

Routine Maintenance

Extraordinary Maintenance

  • Installing sub-drains.
  • Slurry sealing residential streets every seven years based on available funds.
  • Overlaying residential streets with two inch thick new asphalt layer every 20-25 years.
  • Removing asphalt and sub-grade material and reconstructing new aggregate base and asphalt.
  • Repaving arterial streets with new asphalt every 10-20 years.

Street Moratorium

The City places moratoriums on any street that has been reconstructed or slurry sealed.  Moratoriums on streets are valid after construction is completed for five years for a reconstruction project and two years for a slurry sealing project. There are strict terms and conditions for replacement of the asphalt or concrete on streets with a moratorium in place. The moratorium list is updated as projects are complete, so be sure to check the list on a regular basis.

Encroachment Permit Requirement

Prior to performing any work in the public-right-of-way, an Encroachment Permit application is required.

For Complaints and Return for Service Calls

Please contact Sweeping Corp. of America at (949) 551-5151 or contact the City's Street Maintenance Superintendent, Jeff Metz, at (949) 362-4344. 

For Further Information

Contact the Public Works Department by phone at (949) 362-4337 or Email.