Public Notices

The City publishes legal notices in the Laguna Niguel News as required by law. For your convenience, current public notices are also listed below: 

Public Hearing Notice:


Notice is hereby given, pursuant to California Government Code Section 54974, that one unscheduled vacancy has occurred on the Parks & Recreation Commission. Notice of Vacancy (PDF)
June 6, 2023The Laguna Niguel City Council will hold a public hearing to consider the Planning Commission’s recommendation of Zoning Code Amendment ZCA 23-01 (Zoning Code Update).
Notice of Public Hearing (PDF)
June 20, 2023

Resolution of the City Council of the City of Laguna Niguel, California, Establishing the Appropriation Limit (Gann Limit) for the City of Laguna Niguel for the Fiscal Year 2023-2024

Resolution (PDF)
June 20, 2023

Laguna Niguel City Council will conduct a hearing to consider the following: 

Amending Credit Card And Debit Card Usage Fees In Conjunction With Payments To The City And Amending The Fee Schedule For Services Offered By The City’s Community Development Department

Notice of Public Hearing (PDF)
August 24, 2023Notice is hereby given, that on September 5, 2023, and September 19, 2023 the City Council of the City of Laguna Niguel will conduct public hearings to consider the proposal to establish by-district elections for Members of the City Council, pursuant to the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA).
Notice of Public Hearing (PDF)

Notice of Availability:

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Notice Inviting Bids: