Niguel Trail

About the Trail

The Niguel Trail is part of the County’s regional trail system that provides access to the Salt Creek Trail in the Laguna Niguel Regional Park and the Oso Creek and Nellie Gail Trails in the City of Laguna Hills (See Map). Within the City of Laguna Niguel, the trail begins at the interchange of SR-73 and Greenfield Drive and is aligned behind the west side of The Center at Rancho Niguel commercial center.

Path of the Trail

The trail crosses Rancho Niguel Road at the traffic signal near the Marian Bergeson Elementary School and connects with the Rancho Niguel Park on the south side of the school. From the park, the trail follows south along Sulphur Creek on the north side of Crown Valley Parkway where it passes into a tunnel under Moulton Parkway. On the east side of Moulton Parkway the trail leads north and eventually connects with Yosemite Road and the tunnel under La Paz Road which connects to the Laguna Niguel Regional Park. From the tunnel under Moulton Parkway the trail also continues south along Crown Valley Parkway where it connects to sidewalks which lead to the Crown Valley Park.

Light to Moderately Strenuous

Hiking along the trail is light to moderately strenuous. The trail follows the valley and several roadways and the uphill sections are short and relatively gradual.

Trail Classification

Hiking Trail – Portions are Equestrian and Class 1 Bikeway