We roll out the red carpet for you

Laguna Niguel is committed to cutting through the red tape and rolling out the red carpet.

The City has concurrent processing by its planning and building permit staff. No need to wait for one permit before applying for another.

The City staff can provide business owners with important demographic information including population, average income, and other statistics that are helpful to business owners looking to set up shop in Laguna Niguel.

Whether you are a longtime residential contractor or embarking on a DIY project, our experienced staff is standing by to help you create the house of your dreams.  Our City staff is the friendliest in the county! Our goal is to get to “Yes” as quickly as possible for you.

No Business License Fee

Laguna Niguel is one of the most business-friendly cities in California. There is no business license needed and the City works closely with many of the shopping center property owners as well as the Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce to ensure that any regulatory challenges that face our local businesses are addressed quickly. The City wants a thriving business community and will work collaboratively with Laguna Niguel restaurants, shops, offices, and retailers to ensure a smooth process, so you can focus on growing your business.

Efficient Review Process

Laguna Niguel is committed to quick and efficient building plan reviews to aid in the building process. Initial submittal review time is 10 or fewer business days and subsequent submittals are 5 or fewer business days.