Waste Reduction and Recycling

The California Green Building Standards Code ("CalGreen" Sections 4.408, 5.408, and 5.713.8) requires that certain types of projects recycle or otherwise divert construction and demolition waste from landfills.

The City requires contractors and other construction related persons to submit and obtain approval of the Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan (WRRP) to verify that they will recycle, reuse, and/or salvage for reuse a minimum of 65% of their nonhazardous construction and demolition waste.

For more information about the Construction and Demolition Waste Reduction and Recycling program and how to comply please contact the Building Division at (949) 362-4360.

Applicable Projects

All newly constructed building and demolition projects which require a permit

Non-residential: All permitted additions and alterations

        Please Note: Universal waste (such as batteries, e-waste, lamps, cathode raytubes/glass and aerosol cans) from non-residential additions of 1,000 ft. or greater and/or building alterations with a permit valuation of $200,000 or above require verification that materials are disposed of properly and diverted from landfills (CALGreen Section 301.3). In order to comply with this requirement, on one of the first three pages of the construction drawings submitted to the City for a building permit, please identify the list of universal waste materials that need to be diverted from landfill and location of where the materials will be disposed.

    Residential: All permitted additions and alterations that increase the structure's conditioned area, volume, or size

    All demolition only projects


Submit the following to the Building Division:

    A completed Construction and Demolition Waste Reduction and Recycling Packet includes all information you will need to comply with the City's requirements.

    Refundable fee project-specific deposit:

        $250 - reroof of non-residential structures

        $500 - qualifying non-residential alterations

        $750 - qualifying addition to existing residential or non-residential buildings

        $1,000 - all newly constructed building and demolition projects which require a permit

Compliance Options

An applicant has three options for complying with the Ordinance:

Option One

Use the City's Franchised Waste Hauler, CR&R

Option Two

Self-Haul to a City approved recycling facility

Option Three

Project meets the Waste Stream Reduction Alternative, new construction only