The Finance Department is responsible for all aspects of the City's accounting process, prepares the City's budget, administers payroll, manages investments, and oversees purchasing.


Maintains all accounting records for the General Fund, Community Services District, Gas Tax Fund, Special Revenue Funds and the Capital Improvement Funds. 

City Budget 

Prepares the City Budget and Capital Improvement Program, including preparation of revenue forecasts and the analysis of departmental budget requests. 


Coordinates bi-weekly payroll processing for the City's full time and part-time employees. 

Investment Management 

The Finance Director assists the City Manager in investing the City's idle cash. The City's monies are generally invested in the State Local Agency Investment Fund, Treasury Notes and Federal Agency Securities that offer considerable safety, liquidity, and diversity. 


Monitors departmental purchases to ensure that competitive bidding procedures are employed and to ensure that quality merchandise and services are obtained in an economical manner.