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  1. City of Laguna Niguel Facility Rental Application
  2. Room Request

    A 2 hour minimum Monday-Thursday/ 4 hours Friday-Sunday may apply.

  3. Facility Requested*
  4. Event Information
  5. Will alcohol be served?
  6. Will alcohol be sold?
  7. Will food/beverage be served?
  8. Equipment Requested From Us:
  9. Is this a free event?
  10. Open to the public?
  11. Acknowledgement Required

    By submitting this application, I understand that until a Permit is issued by the City, I do not have a guaranteed reservation, but a verbal account of availability at this time. I certify that all information on this application is true and accurate, that I am at least 21 years of age, and I am the person responsible for this event.

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