City Council Meetings

Regular City Council meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m., beginning with Closed Session. The public portion of the City Council meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. City Council meetings are held in the City Hall Council Chambers, located at 30111 Crown Valley Parkway, Laguna Niguel. 

Any person wishing to address the City Council will need to complete and present a gold-colored "Request to Speak" form to the City Clerk at that City Council meeting. These forms are available on the counter that is located inside the Council Chambers. Please be aware that the time limit will be established by the Mayor. To allow equal time for speakers, minutes may not be given to another speaker. You may have another person read your written statement. The City Council may establish a time limit of all comments of not less than one half hour. No action will be taken on any items not on the agenda, unless the City Council makes a determination that an emergency exists or that there is a need for immediate action and the need to take action came to the attention of the City subsequent to the agenda being posted. 
Regular City Council meetings are aired live on Cox Cable Channel 853 and AT&T U-Verse Channel 99, and rebroadcast on both channels at 6:00 p.m. daily following each meeting. Rebroadcasted meetings can also be viewed on the City's website and the City's YouTube Channel.

2018 Council Meetings

Council Meeting Date        Agenda     Minutes   Video
December 4, 2018 - Regular       Agenda     Minutes Video
November 20, 2018 - Regular       Agenda     Minutes Video
October 16, 2018 - Regular       Agenda      Minutes Video
October 2, 2018 - Regular       Agenda      Minutes Video
September 18 - Regular        Agenda      Minutes Video
September 4 - Regular        Agenda      Minutes Video
August 21 - Regular        Agenda      Minutes Video
August 7 - Regular        Agenda      Minutes Video
July 17 - Regular        Agenda      Minutes Video
June 19 - Regular        Agenda      Minutes Video
June 19 - Special        Agenda      Minutes N/A
June 5 - Regular         Agenda      Minutes  Video
May 29 - Special        Agenda      Minutes   N/A
May 15 - Regular        Agenda      Minutes  Video
May 10 - Special        Agenda      Minutes   N/A
May 1 - Regular        Agenda      Minutes   Video
April 17 - Regular        Agenda      Minutes   Video
April 3 - Regular        Agenda      Minutes   Video
March 30 - Special        Agenda      Minutes    N/A
March 20 - Regular        Agenda      Minutes   Video
March 20 - Special        Agenda      Minutes    N/A
March 6 - Regular        Agenda      Minutes   Video
February 20 - Regular        Agenda      Minutes   Video
February 20 - Special        Agenda      Minutes    N/A
February 6 - Regular
January 31 - Special
January 16 - Regular
January 16 - Special

2017 Council Meetings

Council Meeting Date  Agenda      Minutes     Video
December 19 - Regular Agenda      Minutes     Video
December 5 - Regular Agenda      Minutes     Video
November 28 - Special Agenda      Minutes
November 27 - Special Agenda      Minutes
November 21 - Regular Agenda      Minutes      Video
November 7 - Regular Agenda      Minutes      Video
October 20 - Special Agenda      Minutes
October 17 - Regular Agenda       Minutes      Video
October 6 - Special N/A      Minutes
October 3 - Regular Agenda      Minutes      Video
September 19 - Special Agenda      Minutes
September 19 - Regular
Agenda      Minutes      Video
September 5 - Regular Agenda      Minutes      Video
August 15 - Regular Agenda      Minutes      Video
August 14 - Special Agenda      Minutes      Video
August 1 - Regular Agenda      Minutes      Video
July 24 - Special
Agenda      Minutes
July 18 - Regular Agenda      Minutes      Video
July 4 - Cancelled    N/A         N/A         N/A
June 28 Special Agenda      Minutes
June 20 - Regular Agenda      Minutes      Video
June 6 - Regular Agenda      Minutes      Video
June 6 - Special Agenda      Minutes         N/A
May 22 - Special Agenda      Minutes
May 16 - Regular Agenda      Minutes      Video
May 10 - Special Agenda      Minutes
May 2 - Regular Agenda      Minutes      Video
April 18 - Regular Agenda      Minutes      Video
April 4 - Regular Agenda      Minutes      Video
March 21 - Regular Agenda      Minutes      Video
March 7 - Regular Agenda      Minutes      Video
February 21 - Regular Agenda      Minutes      Video
February 21 - Special Agenda      Minutes        N/A
February 7 - Regular Agenda      Minutes      Video
January 17 - Regular Agenda      Minutes      Video
January 13 - Special Agenda      Minutes        N/A
January 12 - Special Agenda      Minutes        N/A
January 3 - Cancelled Agenda      Minutes        N/A