Fire and Emergency Medical Services

The City partners with the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) for fire and emergency medical services. OCFA provides comprehensive emergency services to residents through a regional approach. Three fire stations are located within City limits: 

  • Fire Station 5 - 23600 Pacific Island Drive
  • Fire Station 39 - 24241 Avila Road
  • Fire Station 49 - 31461 Golden Lantern

Mutual Aid

OCFA is an “all risk” emergency response provider. While medical and fire emergencies are their primary response, they also respond to a wide range of other emergency incidents including hazardous materials response, floods, water rescues, earthquakes, bomb threats, terrorism and more.

Occasionally, large scale natural or man-made disasters strike.  For those incidents where the OCFA is taxed beyond the norm, a complex system of automatic and mutual aid resources are available from outside fire agencies.

Fire Prevention and Education

OCFA is proactive in preventing emergencies. The Community Risk Reduction section works to assess fire and life safety risks and create education and prevention programs to reduce the chances of bad things happening. They want to ensure that all who work, live and play in our communities recognize and actively participate in their safety. Visit our Fire Safety page for more information.