Clubs & Committees

Laguna Niguel Senior Citizens Committee

The City of Laguna Niguel Senior Citizens Committee was formally established to serve in an advisory role to the City Council and the Parks & Recreation Commission regarding matters pertaining to broader senior issues and operation of the Sea Country Center. The Committee promotes involvement of senior citizens in community affairs and provides input regarding a variety of programs for the benefit of seniors. The Committee consists of seven committee members each serving a two-year term, and two City Council Member Liaisons. The Committee meets on the third Wednesday of each month, as needed, at 3:00pm in the City Council Chambers.

Members and Council Liaisons:

  • Mayor Elaine Gennawey
  • Council Member, Kelly Jennings
  • Marc Winer, Chair
  • Yvonne Davis, Vice Chair
  • Thomas L. Garner JD
  • Patty Mouton
  • Ann Mudry
  • Susan Namazi
  • Kathleen Hayes, Alternate
  • Sher Sheldon, Alternate

Laguna Niguel Senior Citizens Club

The Laguna Niguel Senior Citizens Club is a non-profit organization, which operates independently from the City and the Sea Country Center. The Senior Club is located in the Sea Country Center to conduct events, activities, games, and trips. The office is open Monday-Friday from 10:00am-2:00pm. This organization focuses on providing a mature lifestyle with activities that promote health, social involvement and volunteer opportunities that contribute to a more productive life. The annual membership is a yearly $20.00 fee for an individual and a yearly $35.00 fee for couples. However, membership is not required to enjoy club-sponsored activities offered at Sea Country.