Athletic Rules and Regulations


All applications for use of City facilities must be submitted on forms provided by the City. When the applicant meets the requirements for use of a facility, the City will issue a user permit to the applicant for the proposed use of a facility.


Permits will be issued to persons 21 years and older. Permit requests for private youth events or activities will be issued to a parent or legal guardian who will be attending the event. Permit requests should be made at least two business days prior to desired use date.

Length of Time

Minimum time for reserved use of a facility will be one hour. A fraction of any hour used will be charged to the nearest quarter hour at one quarter the hourly rate. No refunds for time reserved but not used.

Field Preparation

Groups requiring field preparation and/or set-up and take down time must include time on original permit request.

Athletic Field Lights

Use of Athletic Field Lights at City facilities are regulated by Mitigating Monitoring Programs. No game shall be scheduled at Chapparosa Park past 11 p.m. to assure that lights are out by 11:15 p.m. Light curfews at all athletic facilities are as follows: 

Laguna Niguel Skate and Soccer: 11 p.m.
Crown Valley Community Park: 10 p.m.
La Paz Park, Bear Brand Park or Niguel Hills Middle School: 9:30 p.m.
Rancho Niguel Park or Crown Valley Elementary School: 9 p.m. 

Rain Out

In the event of rain, all athletic facilities will close for a minimum of 24 hours following rainfall. After the 24 hour period, users should call the Athletic Field Hot line at (949) 362-4351 ext. 3, after 1:00 p.m. to get the latest conditions on fields. The hotline message will say which fields are open and/or closed.

Posting of Field Closed Signs

Closed fields will have “Field Closed, Do Not Use” signs posted in the following locations: Baseball/Softball Diamonds; at the pitchers mound area; soccer fields; and at the center field area. User groups found playing on a closed field will be responsible for any damage that occurs and may have their use permit revoked. City staff will make all decisions on field conditions. No exceptions.

Use Cancellation

When the proposed use of a facility is cancelled, no refunds of use fees will be made unless the City is notified of the cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled use.

Approval of Events

Special activities or events done in conjunction with normal permitted field use must be specifically approved on original permit. Examples: barbecues, opening day/awards ceremonies, etc.

No Alcohol / Drugs Allowed

Alcoholic beverages, drugs or other intoxicants are not allowed at any city facilities. If a person or group reserving a field / facility either uses or allows alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants at the field / facility, the permit for use of the facility will be revoked and future permitted use by that person or group will not be considered.

Prohibited Selling of Items

Sale of goods, wares, merchandise or food products or their solicitation for commercial purpose is prohibited without prior written approval.

No Amplified Sound Allowed

Amplified sound is not permitted without prior written approval. The applicant agrees to comply with all other rules and regulations regarding facility use contained in the City Facilities Policy.

Bounce Houses

Use of bounce houses, dunk tanks, and other amusement type of equipment is not permitted, except as pursuant to Section XI C-15 of the City of Laguna Niguel Facility Use Policy.