Crown Valley Parkway Westbound Widening I-5 to Oso Creek Project

Map of Crown Valley Parkway Westbound

Project Description:

The project includes the addition of a fourth westbound lane on Crown Valley Parkway from the I‐5 Southbound off‐ramp to Cabot Road, completing the planned improvements on the north side. 

The project requires the widening of the Oso Creek Bridge and overhead bridge spanning the railroad. The project will also include the completion of associated improvements on Forbes Road by providing sufficient width on Forbes Road. This will accommodate a second left turn lane from eastbound Crown Valley to northbound Forbes and from westbound Crown Valley to southbound Forbes.

Project Schedule:

  • Award of Design Services Contract: August 2022
  • Completion of Design: July 2023
  • Current Phase: Design
  • Current Status: Design is 5% Complete

Project Funding: 

  • FY21-22 Project Budget: $750,000 (American Rescue Plan)