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HOA Education Program

Laguna Niguel is a master planned community in South Orange County with over 120 Homeowner Associations.  Each HOA is governed by a set of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) that  protect, preserve, and enhance property values in the community.  While the HOA's are governed by a Board of Directors guided by the CC&Rs, HOA's are still subject to the Laguna Niguel Zoning Code and Ordinances.  This page was created as part of the City's HOA Education Program to share information and provide resources for HOA Boards and Property Managers.  


From time to time the City reaches out to HOA Property Managers and Board Members.  Please notify the City of any contact updates for your HOA.

To be notified for upcoming meetings and new information added to this page, please email   HOA@CityOfLagunaNiguel.org

Quarterly Newsletter

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Quarterly Newsletter

To subscribe for the City's quarterly newsletter and receive City specific updates and resources specific to Laguna Niguel's Homeowners Associations, please email HOA@CityofLagunaNiguel.org   

September 2021 Issue No. 1 Newsletter 

  •  Wildfire Preparedness
  • Organic Waste Disposal
  • Over Irrigation

News and Events for HOA's

HOA Outreach Meeting November 3, 2021 

As part of the HOA Education Program, HOA Board Members and Property Managers were invited to an informational lunch meeting that included presentations from OCFA and MNWD.  We had a great turnout this year. These meetings will be scheduled bi-annual.  Slides from the presentations can be downloaded below.


Prepare for the Rainy Season

As we enter the rainy season, please take a moment to inspect all of the concrete drains (V-ditches) located in your community for any debris or blockages including:

  • dirt
  • leaves
  • vegetation over the v-ditch
  • Other material blocking drain

Please remove any vegetation growing over the v-ditch.  If blocked, the V-ditch cannot properly convey water and could cause the drain to overflow and create erosion, possibly leading to slope instability or costly property damage.  In addition, if some portions of the V-ditch are damaged or cracked, please repair or seal those portions.  These corrective actions should be taken as soon as possible.  

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.  Please see the handout on slope maintenance on the City website for more information.  If you have any questions, please email Code Compliance at code@cityoflagunaniguel.org or call (949) 362-4300.

Map of HOA locations

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