Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Project Description: 

This project includes the installation of electric vehicle charging stations at City Hall, Crown Valley Park, and the Metrolink Station. This project will ensure the City has available electric vehicle charging stations at City facilities to support the increasing number of electric vehicles in the community.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) has allocated $85,100 in MSRC grant funding toward the project. The balance of funds to complete the project will come from AB2766 funds provided to the City on an annual basis.  

Project Schedule: 

  • Award of Design Services Contract: November 2021
  • Completion of Design: December 2021
  • Start of Construction Phase: February 2022
  • Current Phase: Design
  • Current Status: Design Phase Started

Project Funding: 

  • FY 21-22 Project Budget: $226,800 (AQMD Fund - MSRC Grant & AB2766)
  • FY 22-23 Project Budget: $100,000 (AQMD Fund - AB2766)

EV Charging