Crown Valley Park Interim Parking Lot

Aerial Photo of Interim Parking Lot

Project Description:

This project was the construction of an interim parking lot utilizing decomposed granite as an all-weather surfacing, parking stall and lane striping, signage, and staked treated timber railroad ties for lot delineation. Landscape and irrigation were placed within available planter areas. Additional ADA spaces were allocated at the existing paved parking area adjacent to the project area. 

The project design was completed in Fiscal Year 2019-20; however, construction was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this delay, this project is eligible for the use of American Rescue Plan funds because it addresses a negative economic impact of COVID-19. 

Project Schedule:

  • Award of Construction Contract: Awarded in August 
  • Start of Construction: October 2021
  • Current Status: Project is Complete 

Project Funding:

  • FY 21-22 Project Budget: $600,000 (American Rescue Plan)

High Aerial View of Interim Parking Lot