Weed Abatement Program: Goat Grazing

The City of Laguna Niguel is happy to announce that it will once again utilize goat grazing as part of its Weed Abatement Program in select areas as a proactive method of fire prevention. This marks the second year for this initiative, which will be an effective, efficient and eco-friendly method of Fire Fuel Weed Control. 

WHEN: February to May 2021

WHERE: Kite Hill Open Space, La Vida Drive, La Hermosa Park, and Reef Node Park

BEST VIEWING SITES: La Hermosa Park (Area 3) and Reef Node Park (Area 4)

CURRENT LOCATION: The goats are set to return on Saturday, June 5th, for the Meet & Greet the Goats two-day event. It is a free event but registration is required. CLICK HERE to register. 


This webpage will be updated with real-time goat grazing locations once the goats are relocated. 

The following is a list of some of the benefits to goat grazing: 

  • Natural weed control method that does not harm the environment.
  • Targets and consumes unwanted vegetation, leaving behind cleared terrain.
  • Helps the ecosystem to recover by removing invasive and non-native plants.
  • Goats graze large acreage and steep areas where mechanical control is not feasible.

Managing fire fuel weeds is an important part of reducing fire threat and fire intensity. In addition, it is extremely critical in the defensible space surrounding homes and buildings.

Goats grazing La Hermosa Park

Sage Environmental Group's herd handlers will be on duty to manage the goats and their guard dogs. The handlers will use seasonal timings for deploying the herd in order to target seed head and biomass. The grazing progress will be continuously monitored, and when goats accomplish set goals, they will be removed to prevent overgrazing. The handlers will assure that all goats are secure inside a pen at night and are released to work in the morning.  

Residents are invited to view the goats as they are grazing. However, please keep in mind that while grazing, solar-powered electric mesh will be strategically placed to ensure the goats focus on weeds in a targeted area while desired plants are left intact. We ask you to please obey the posted warnings – DO NOT TOUCH THE FENCE. 

All trails near the grazing areas will remain open.


CLICK HERE to view a map of where the goats will be grazing. 

If you have any questions, please contact Parks and Landscape Maintenance Superintendent, Jerry Sollom, by phone at (949) 362-4349 or by email.