Residential Resurfacing Program

Project Description

The Residential Resurfacing Program is the maintenance of Citywide arterial and residential roadways per the Pavement Management Plan. It helps the City preserve and extend the life of our roads. The project, commonly known as the "Slurry Seal" Project, includes various tasks such as traffic control, public outreach, minor crack sealing, and the application of Type II slurry seal, which is a water-based, emulsified asphalt mixture. The added useful life of the rehabilitated roadways is 7 years. 

Project Status: COMPLETE

Project Location:

  • This year the program worked through Zones 3 & 4 shown on the map below.

Slurry Seal Zones Opens in new windowClick on map to enlarge.

Project Funding:

  • FY22-23 Project Budget: $4,300,000 (Gas Tax HUTA & Measure M2 and American Rescue Plan)

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