Residential Resurfacing Program

Project Description

The Residential Resurfacing Program is the maintenance of Citywide arterial and residential roadways per the Pavement Management Plan. It helps the City preserve and extend the life of our roads. The project, commonly known as the "Slurry Seal" Project, includes various tasks such as traffic control, public outreach, minor crack sealing, and the application of Type II slurry seal, which is a water-based, emulsified asphalt mixture. The added useful life of the rehabilitated roadways is 7 years. 

Much like any big renovation, there is substantial amount of prep work required to effectively prepare your neighborhood for pavement resurfacing. The multi-step process include different types of work such as crack fill, localized repairs, and ultimately conclude with pavement resurfacing, as well as striping. Below is a general overview of the slurry seal process. 

Slurry Seal Process

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work hard to ensure 
our streets are of upmost quality for many years to come! 

Project Delivery Schedule Phase 1 (Patching & Crack Sealing):

  • Design Completed: November 2022
  • Award of Construction Contract: April 2023
  • Construction Phase: May 2023

Project Delivery Schedule Phase 2 (Slurry Application):

  • Design Completed: December 2022
  • Award of Construction Contract: May 2023
  • Construction Phase: June 2023

Project Funding:

  • FY22-23 Project Budget: $4,300,000 (Gas Tax HUTA & Measure M2 and American Rescue Plan)

Project Location:

  • This year the program will work through Zones 3 & 4, as shown on the map below:

Slurry Seal Zones Opens in new windowClick on map to enlarge.

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