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Due in part to City Hall being closed to the public because of COVID-19 precautions and the need for businesses to do more remotely, the City has implemented new processes to make it easier for applicants and contractors. 

With eTRAKiT, the homeowner, developer and contractor may apply and pay for some building permits online, submit development applications electronically,  track the progress of their construction projects online, schedule and locate the results of inspections, and check plan review status. 

Licensed contractors may log in and view their previous permits.  To establish a contractor's login, please email

Visit the eTRAKiT Help Guides on this page for instructions and videos if this is your first time to use the system. Frequently Asked Questions may also be found on this page. For additional information or assistance, please email or your staff planner.

Alternate Submittal Process

Plans and applications can be dropped off at the UPS Store located at: UPS Store  30262 Crown Valley Parkway, Ste B, Laguna Niguel 92677 .  Submit 3 new sets of plans, 2 sets of calculations along with your application

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eTRAKiT Help - Instructions, Videos and FAQs

Welcome to eTRAKiT Help. Here you can find FAQs, How To Documents, and Videos offered. Additional questions may be emailed to the Permit Center or Development Review Team or Divisions at the contact information in the upper left hand corner.

NOTE: When uploading a document to eTRAKiT, please also notify staff via email at for Permits or  for Projects.

Archived Permits

Archived permits may be requested by using the Open Records Request Form and submit by email to The completed form must be submitted to 

Online Permits

Available online permits and additional required forms for each type (all documents to be uploaded in pdf format). Please allow 24 hours for staff to review the application.



Online Permit

Additional Requirements

Residential repipe



Residential water heater




Residential dishwasher



Photovoltaic (PV)


1.     Building application description to include modules, kw, electrical upgrades

2.     Smoke & Carbon Form signed

3.     Permit Disclosure Form/ Letter of authorization from the Contractor

4.     Plans to be uploaded separated by size of page.  

Residential Re-roof


1.     Building application with a scope of work

2.     Smoke & Carbon Form signed

3.     HOA Approval Letter (If work is not “Like for Like”)

4.     Structural calculations required if new material is over 6lbs

5.     Permit Disclosure Form/ Letter of authorization from the Contractor


Residential HVAC


1.     Building application include tons and the BTUs

2.     Smoke & Carbon Form

3.     CF1R (The applicant must provide this)

4.     Permit Disclosure/Letter of authorization from Contractor


      Residential electrical service change


1.     Building Application upgrade or change out

2.     Smoke & Carbon Form

3.     Work Order from SDGE or Picture of Sticker from SCE

4.     Permit Disclosure Form/ Letter of authorization from the Contractor

      Residential door / window replacement


1.     Building application to include quantity and is like for like replacement

2.     Form 145 and floor plan

3.     Permit Disclosure/Letter of authorization from Contractor


eTRAKiT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q: Who can use eTRAKiT?

A: eTRAKiT is open to all users.  A contractor that is registered with the City of Laguna Niguel must sign in using their company name and reset their password. All other users that are not contractors (i.e. homeowners, realtors or insurance agents) are able to create a user account to create an online application or to schedule an inspection.

Q: Will eTRAKiT work in any internet browser?

A: No, Internet Explorer is the preferred browser as others browsers may block pop-ups.

Q: I have forgotten my Public Login Username and/or Password.

A: Please Click Here to retrieve your username and password.

Q: I am locked out of eTRAKiT. How do I get back in?

A: The eTRAKiT system is set to automatically unlock every 5 minutes. Wait a little while and try again. If after waiting 5 minutes and reattempting to login you are still unable to get in, contact Building at 

Q: I keep getting a pop-up that says, "Please verify you are not a robot" but there is no where to verify.

A: Make sure your window is scrolled all the way to the bottom and you should see the nCAPTCHA on the left with a check box for 'I'm not a robot'.

Q: There is no "Apply / New Permit" button on my site, or when I click "Apply / New Permit" button, it blinks and does nothing but take me back to the dashboard.

A:  Ensure all your license and insurance paperwork is current with the City. 

Q: I am having trouble locating my permit number when I conduct a search.

A: Be sure to enter the permit number exactly as it appears on your permit. The number needs to be entered in the “search for” field. For example, B20-1234 or WB20-1234

Q: As a homeowner doing my own work at my home, am I required to obtain a permit?

A:  A building permit is required at any time there is an addition, alteration, repair or conversion to the main structure or an accessory structure. If you have any questions about whether or not a permit is needed, contact the Building at 



Q: My address isn't found in eTRAKiT.

 A:  Be sure to enter the address and click the search; address must appear in the drop down menu.  IF address does not appear in drop down menu, please note some address may appear shortened in our etrakit system.  (i.e.  Vista is Vs, try entering the first few letters of the street name) or the address may not be in the City of Laguna Niguel’s jurisdiction. 

 Q:  I cannot find remodel as an option to apply for permit

A:  If your project is not listed as an option in our etrakit system, you are required submit application/plans to the City.  


Q: Can I pay for my permit or application online using eTRAKiT?

A: Yes, credit card payments (Visa, Master Card, Discover) are the preferred method of payment and can be paid online.  

 Q: Is there a credit card processing fee that I have to pay?

A: No


Q: What types of permits am I able to submit online? 

A: The following building permits available through eTRAKiT 

  • Residential repipe
  • Residential water heater
  • Residential dishwasher
  • Photovoltaic (PV)
  • Residential Re-roof
  • Residential HVAC
  • Residential electrical service change
  • Residential door / window replacement

We are looking to add more permits for online application in the future.  For permits not listed above, will require plans to be submitted to the City.  During our City closure, please submit to our drop off location: UPS Store located at 30262 Crown Valley Parkway, Ste B., Laguna Niguel, CA 92677   using the paper permit application.   For submittal requirements, click here for handouts

Q: What types of development applications can I apply for through eTRAKiT?

A: Development application processes are added to this tool regularly. If you do not see the application available for online submittal check back often. Users can still monitor process of permits and projects through even if the application was not created online.  

Q: Can I request a zoning letter or a new address through eTRAKiT?

A: No, please email request to 

Q: Can I request a pre-application meeting through eTRAKiT?

A: Not currently. please email request to .

Q: I do not see my Contractors Name in the drop down menu for contractor login? 

A: You will need to register your contractor’s state license with the City.  Contact the permit center at  providing your state license number.   There is no fee to register your license. 


Q: Can I schedule building inspections online?

A: Yes, we are only scheduling building inspections through the eTRAKiT portal. See the how-to instructions or video for help on navigating this process. 

You can also view your inspection results using eTRAKiT.  Click here to see the daily run list.

Q: Can I schedule grading inspections online?

A: No, we are only scheduling building inspections through the eTRAKiT portal at this time. Grading inspection requests should be emailed to 

Q: Why can't I pick a date for my inspection?

A: You have to click "Add Inspection" before the date drop down box will appear.

Q: Can I cancel an inspection from eTRAKiT?

A: No, please call 949-362-4300. 


Call: 949-362-4360
Inspection Request
Inspection Run List
Inspection Cancellation: 949-362-4360 before 8:30 am


Call: 949-362-4300


Community Development
30111 Crown Valley Pkwy
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677


UPS Store  
30262 Crown Valley Parkway, Ste B
Laguna Niguel 92677



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eTRAKIT Help Videos available on YouTube:

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