Salt Creek Trail

About the Trail

Within Laguna Niguel, the Salt Creek Trail interconnects two large coastal canyons which include four major public parks: Chapparosa Community Park and Salt Creek Regional Park in the Salt Creek Canyon and Crown Valley Community Park and Laguna Niguel Regional Park in the Sulphur Creek Canyon (See Map). The Salt Creek Trail is the longest trail segment in the City and begins at the tunnel under the Street of the Golden Lantern near the parking area for the Dog Park.

Path of the Trail

The trail passes southwest through the Chapparosa Park and the Salt Creek Regional Park to Camino Del Avion. From Camino del Avion the trail enters Dana Point and eventually connects to the coast at Salt Creek Beach. From the Salt Creek Regional Park the trail also passes north along Niguel Road to Niguel Ranch Drive where it ends at a private park. At this point in the trail, there is an undeveloped segment intended to connect from Niguel Ranch Road north through a large open space area and the Chatelain residential community to the Crown Valley Park.

From the Crown Valley Park the trail passes north along Sulphur Creek to the Laguna Regional Park and across Alicia Parkway to connect with the Aliso Creek Trail within the Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park.

Trail Classification

Hiking Trail – Portions are Equestrian and Class 1 Bikeway