Group Use Policy

The City of Laguna Niguel receives requests for Swim Groups & Camps to use the Laguna Niguel Aquatics Center for Recreation Swim.  These groups are welcomed to the facility by following the regulations listed below.

1.    Any group belonging to an organization profit, non-profit, club etc. must gain a signed permit from the City of Laguna Niguel Parks and Recreation office before gaining entry into Laguna Niguel Aquatics Center.   No exceptions will be made.

2.    The organization must have 1 adult per 10 children to gain entry.  Failing to do so will disallow the group from entering the facility.

3.    The Laguna Niguel Aquatics Center restricts the daily amount of group users to approximately 200 participants per day.

4.    Groups are allowed to swim during Recreational Swim time, 1:00 pm-     4:00 pm Monday-Friday only. 

5.    All swimmers who enter the pool will receive the pool rules before entering the water.

6.    All swimmers may be required to prove swimming ability, by way of a swim test, to be eligible to swim in the deep water.  

7.    The swim test will be given once per day between the hours of 1:00 pm and 1:45 pm.  

8.    The swim test will be given one per child, once per day.  If a child fails the test they may try again on a subsequent day.