Innovation Lab

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The iLab is an unpaid internship for college students built on the idea that interns advocate for a project they want to work on instead of being assigned various tasks. This allows the intern to improve their advocacy skills and gain valuable experience while the City of Laguna Niguel benefits from the work of a talented student. Projects can include but are not limited to redesigning communication tools (brochures, social media, website pages), analyzing existing processes with the goal of process improvement, or managing a project selected from the list of City initiatives.

Join us!  The iLab only requires a portion of each interns time as our program is meant to supplement their workload. Haven’t had a desire to work in government as a career? No problem! We look for students in any major that look to build their project work. Some benefits iLab Interns get in return are a Letter of Recommendation, Networking Opportunities, and Skills Certificates.

Due to the recent events related to COVID-19, we will be working in a digital environment until we find an appropriate time to meet at City Hall in Laguna Niguel. The application process is currently open and will be filled on a rolling basis. A schedule will be determined once the applicant has been admitted. To learn more about the iLab, please see the brochure below. In case you’re open for a new opportunity, we encourage you to apply!

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