Aliso Summit Trail

The Aliso Summit Trail connects Seaview Park and Pacific Island Drive with the Lilly Shapell Park in the Hillcrest residential community (See Map). The Lilly Shapell Park is located on Drakes Bay which is off Highlands Avenue. For most of its length, the trail borders residential communities to the east and natural open space to the west with expansive canyon views of the Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park.

Trail Connections

The trail primarily consists of natural and decomposed granite surfaces which vary in width of about 10-15 feet. In two locations, the continuity of the trail is provided by sidewalk connections. A sidewalk along Talavera Drive and Pacific Island Drive connects Seaview Park with the start of the trail on Pacific Island Drive. The trail intersects with Highlands Avenue and a sidewalk connects the trail from Highlands Avenue to the Hillcrest community.

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