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Facts on Current Events
The following actions were taken at the September 5th City Council meeting:

(1) The Council received and filed the Pun Group's presentation on the Agreed-Upon Procedures report applied to purchase orders and contract processes for the two years ended June 30, 2017.   

(2) The discussion regarding the additional Agreed-Upon Procedures engagement was rescheduled to the October 3 City Council meeting.

(3) Council approved the scope of work for Operational Audit Services to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the City's current operating policies and procedures related to citywide purchasing and contract processes. 

(4) Council authorized the Interim City Manager to sign an engagement letter and retain Ellis Buehler Makus (EBM) LLP to perform an investigation into the allegations of bullying and harassment made against Council Member Jerry Slusiewicz. The conservatively estimated cost for the investigation is $24,000 to $39,000. At this time, the investigation is on hold as the Council also directed staff and the City Attorney to work with outside legal counsel to develop a list of corrective actions in an attempt to avoid incurring costs associated with conducting an investigation. If Council Member Slusiewicz agrees to the corrective actions and maintains compliance with this agreement, the City will not pursue a fact-finding investigation, and essentially save the City money. Originally, an agreement must be reached between the Council Member and the City before September 15, however, due to scheduling conflicts, the meeting has not occurred. At this time, the City is working on setting a meeting to negotiate the terms of the agreement. The investigation is still on hold pending the outcome of this meeting. Read Press Release #2017-014 for more information. 

(5) Council approved a First Amendment with Burke, Williams & Sorensen (BWS) for continued general legal services. 

(6) Council approved a First Amendment with West Coast Arborists (WCA) and released an outstanding payment of $40,524.50 to WCA. 


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