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Prevent Crime: Lock It Up Every Time
About "Prevent Crime: Lock It Up Every Time"

"Prevent Crime: Lock It Up Every Time" is a new crime prevention campaign created by Laguna Niguel Police Services to decrease the chance of our residents and visitors becoming a victim of crime. The City of Laguna Niguel enjoys the reputation of being one of the safest cities in Orange County and had the lowest crime rate in the County from 1992-1994. The low rates can be attributed to a combination of factors including the level of contract law enforcement services, demographic makeup of the community, land use patterns, household income and education, private and gate guarded communities, and an alert and involved public. With this in mind, residential and vehicle thefts and burglaries are among the highest types of crime within Laguna Niguel. With the help of the community, these crimes can be drastically reduced by simply remembering to lock up one's house or vehicle while leaving nothing of value in sight. Help Laguna Niguel Police Services spread the word and prevent crime, by locking it up every time!!

Please contact the Laguna Niguel Police Services Crime Prevention Unit at (949) 362-4305 with any questions or concerns. 

  • Click here to see an informational postcard containing some statistics on residential burglaries to promote this campaign.
  • Click here to see an informational postcard containing important tips to help prevent vehicle burglaries.


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